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Anti 2A Groups

Don’t Feed The Gun Prohibitionists!

Learn the facts, or you will get what you pay for. The following companies and/or their decision makers have instituted anti-firearm corporate policy or have pressed lawmakers to enact further strict legislation.


The information contained herein is nothing more than a basic guide. Before you choose to carry a concealed firearm outside your state of residence, check with the appropriate authorities (usually the State Police) to determine the current status of reciprocity. Such information is also frequently contained on a state’s website (usually under the Attorney General, Secretary of State, or State Police Agency).


Action Items

Stop the Senate’s Attempt to Restrict Ammo Sales

View Bill Text S.3223 imposes severe, unconstitutional restrictions and penalties on both buyers and sellers of ammunition.S.3223 makes it harder for citizens to buy ammo by forcing them to jump through the same hoops required for buying a firearm.And, in an...

Stop California’s Second Amendment ‘Tax’

View Bill Text California AB-28 unjustly imposes an additional, punitive tax on ammunition, firearms and many firearm parts.In addition to infringing on the rights of citizens and making it more difficult for them to purchase such items, it requires Federally...

Help Stop the Washington “Assault Weapons” Ban

View Bill Text Washington SHB 1240 bans the sale of many commonly-owned semi-auto rifles, pistols and accessories.SHB 1240 will prevent millions of Washington residents from exercising their rights protected under the Second Amendment while doing nothing to curb...