This Bill Is Still Alive. Take Action Today to Stop It!

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WA H.B. 2118 would force licensed firearm dealers to spend exorbitant amounts of money on cumbersome and redundant security systems.

Estimates by contractors for setting up and maintaining these systems range from tens and hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars depending on the business.

The obvious purpose of this bill—and the inevitable effect of its passing—would be to put most, if not all, FFLs in Washington State out of business.

The anti-gun democrats in Washington have already attacked your right to make your own firearms. Now they want to take away your right to buy and sell them.

Don’t wait, act Today! Tell the WA House Rules Committee exactly where you stand on this bill.

CLICK HERE to Contact the House Rules Committee Today

and tell them to vote “NO” on H.B. 2118!

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