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S.3212, titled the Federal Firearm Licensing Act, turns your natural right to acquire firearms, protected under the Second Amendment, into a government-regulated privilege.

Among other infringements, it gives the Attorney General of the United States wide discretion over whether you may obtain and retain a license to buy a gun.

Requirements to Obtain a License to Purchase

  • Take training in firearm safety.
  • Pass a written test about firearm law.
  • Pass a firearm safety test.
  • Pass an accuracy test.
  • Submit your fingerprints.
  • Pass a background check.
  • Submit make, model and serial number of firearm
    (no exemptions for self-manufactured guns or guns made before 1968).

How and When You May Use the License

  • You must use it within 30 days of the issue date.
  • You may purchase the single firearm only for which the license was issued.
  • The license expires after five years.

Denial and Revocation

If, in the opinion of the Attorney General,
you pose a danger to yourself or others, s/he may deny or revoke your license.
S/he may use any instance of lawful self-defense or any recent acquisition of firearms or ammunition in making that determination.

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Contact the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary now and tell them to vote “NO” on S.3212!

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