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California AB-28 unjustly imposes an additional, punitive tax on ammunition, firearms and many firearm parts.
In addition to infringing on the rights of citizens and making it more difficult for them to purchase such items, it requires Federally Licensed Firearms dealers to register and acquire yet another permit just for this new tax system.
Much of the money will purportedly be used to combat, so-called, “gun violence” in an effort to promote the state’s perverted idea of gun safety which, invariably, means taking your guns away from you.

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List of State Senators

Member NamePhoneContact Form
Senator Benjamin Allen(916) 651-4024Email
Senator Marie Alvarado-Gil(916) 651-4004Email
Senator Bob Archuleta(916) 651-4030Email
Senator Angelique V. Ashby(916) 651-4008Email
Senator Toni G. Atkins(916) 651-4039Email
Senator Josh Becker(916) 651-4013Email
Senator Catherine Blakespear(916) 651-4038Email
Senator Steven Bradford(916) 651-4035Email
Senator Anna M. Caballero(916) 651-4014Email
Senator Dave Cortese(916) 651-4015Email
Senator Brian Dahle(916) 651-4001Email
Senator Bill Dodd(916) 651-4003Email
Senator María Elena Durazo(916) 651-4026Email
Senator Susan Talamantes Eggman(916) 651-4005Email
Senator Steven M. Glazer(916) 651-4007Email
Senator Lena A. Gonzalez(916) 651-4033Email
Senator Shannon Grove(916) 651-4012Email
Senator Melissa Hurtado(916) 651-4016Email
Senator Brian W. Jones(916) 651-4040Email
Senator John Laird(916) 651-4017Email
Senator Monique Limón(916) 651-4019Email
Senator Mike McGuire(916) 651-4002Email
Senator Caroline Menjivar(916) 651-4020Email
Senator Dave Min(916) 651-4037Email
Senator Josh Newman(916) 651-4029Email
Senator Janet Nguyen(916) 651-4036Email
Senator Roger W. Niello(916) 651-4006Email
Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh(916) 651-4023Email
Senator Steve Padilla(916) 651-4018Email
Senator Anthony J. Portantino(916) 651-4025Email
Senator Richard D. Roth(916) 651-4031Email
Senator Susan Rubio(916) 651-4022Email
Senator Kelly Seyarto(916) 651-4032Email
Senator Nancy Skinner(916) 651-4009Email
Senator Lola Smallwood-Cuevas(916) 651-4028Email
Senator Henry I. Stern(916) 651-4027Email
Senator Thomas J. Umberg(916) 651-4034Email
Senator Aisha Wahab(916) 651-4410Email
Senator Scott D. Wiener(916) 651-4011Email
Senator Scott Wilk(916) 651-4021Email