Georgia Seeking to Expand Areas of Lawful Carry

Georgia’s HB 2 removes license requirements and expands the locations where a lawful weapon carrier–any person who is not prohibited by law from possessing a weapon or long gun–may carry a weapon, including in government buildings, parks, historical sites and more.

Let the Georgia House’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee know you support this bill and urge them to act on it; send them a message today!

Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee Members

If you prefer (and if you have a mailto protocol handler setup), you may contact them all simultaneously by clicking here.
Please don’t forget to put your name at the bottom of the email.

Member NamePhoneEmail
Clint Crowe(404)
Heath Clark(404)
Jodi Lott(404)
Danny Mathis(404)
J Collins(404)
Rick Williams(404)
Bill Werkheiser(404)
Darlene Taylor(404)
Alan Powell(404)
Jesse Petrea(404)
Yasmin Neal(404)
Eddie Lumsden(404)
David Jenkins(404)
Rick Jasperse(404)
Mack Jackson(404)
Scott Holcomb(404)
Bill Hitchens(404)
Gerald Greene(404)
Micah Gravley(404)
Mike Glanton(404)
Gloria Frazier(404)
Becky Evans(404)

Thanks for your commitment to this fight and for helping win it!