Wyoming Needs Your Help in Protecting the Second Amendment

Wyoming’s SF0102 passed its second reading today by the Judiciary Committee and will likely see its third reading tomorrow.

Let Wyoming senators know you’re behind them; send them a message of encouragement today!

List of Senators

If you prefer (and if you have a mailto protocol handler setup), you may contact them all simultaneously by clicking here to create a single email that will go out to each one of them. Please don’t forget to put your name at the bottom of the email.

Member NamePhoneEmail
Peter Abbarno(360) 786-7896Peter.Abbarno@leg.wa.gov
Jim Anderson(307) 267-5775jim.anderson@wyoleg.gov
Fred Baldwin(307) 877-3687Fred.Baldwin@wyoleg.gov
Bo Biteman(307) 751-6178Bo.Biteman@wyoleg.gov
Brian Boner(307) 359-0707Brian.Boner@wyoleg.gov
Anthony Bouchard(307) 212-6464Anthony.Bouchard@wyoleg.gov
Cale Case(307) 332-7623Cale.Case@wyoleg.gov
Dan Dockstader(307) 885-9705Dan.Dockstader@wyoleg.gov
Ogden Driskill(307) 680-5555Ogden.Driskill@wyoleg.gov
Affie Ellis(307) 287-9095Affie.Ellis@wyoleg.gov
Mike Gierau(307) 413-0109Mike.Gierau@wyoleg.gov
Larry Hicks(307) 383-7192Larry.Hicks@wyoleg.gov
Lynn Hutchings(307) 316-0858Lynn.Hutchings@wyoleg.gov
Tom James(307) 350-4018Tom.James@wyoleg.gov
Dave Kinskey(307) 751-6428Dave.Kinskey@wyoleg.gov
R. J. Kost(307) 754-7174RJ.Kost@wyoleg.gov
Bill Landen(307) 237-4067Bill.Landen@wyoleg.gov
Tara Nethercott(307) 399-7696Tara.Nethercott@wyoleg.gov
Stephan Pappas(307) 630-7180Stephan.Pappas@wyoleg.gov
Drew Perkins(307) 234-1274Drew.Perkins@wyoleg.gov
Chris Rothfuss(307) 399-3556Chris.Rothfuss@wyoleg.gov
Wendy Schuler(307) 679-6774Wendy.Schuler@wyoleg.gov
Charles Scott(307) 473-2512Charles.Scott@wyoleg.gov
Cheri Steinmetz(307) 534-5342Cheri.Steinmetz@wyoleg.gov
Jeff Wasserburger(307) 680-2943Jeff.Wasserburger@wyoleg.gov

Thanks for your commitment to this fight and for helping win it!
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