South Dakota Introduces Bill to Stop Financial Bullying of Firearms & Ammo Companies

South Dakota’s SB 182 was introduced February 1st and is scheduled for a Senate hearing on February 15th. SB 182 prevents government institutions from entering into contracts with financial institutions which show bias toward firearm and ammunition companies.

Contact your senator and urge them to support SB 182. Below is a list of South Dakota Senators and their contact information. You can contact them individually or, if you prefer (and if you have a mailto handler setup), you may contact them all simultaneously by clicking here to create a single email that will go out to each one of them. Please don’t forget to put your name at the bottom of the email.

List of Senate Members

Member NamePhoneEmail
Bolin, Jim(605)
Breitling, Bryan J(605)
Cammack, Gary LNot
Castleberry, JessicaNot
Crabtree, Casey(605)
Curd, R. Blake(605)
Diedrich, Michael(605)
Duhamel, Helene(605)
Duvall, Mary(605)
Foster, Red DawnNot
Frye-Mueller, Julie(605)
Greenfield, Brock L(605)
Heinert, TroyNot
Hunhoff, Jean(605)
Johns, Timothy R(605)
Johnson, David(605)
Klumb, JoshuaNot
Kolbeck, Jack(605)
Maher, Ryan(605)
Nesiba, Reynold F(605)
Novstrup, Al(605)
Otten, Herman(605)
Rohl, Michael HNot
Rusch, Arthur(605)
Schoenbeck, Lee(605)
Schoenfish, Kyle(605)
Smith, V. J.(605)
Stalzer, Jim(605)
Steinhauer, Wayne H(605)
Sutton, Maggie(605)
Symens, Marsha(605)
Tobin, ErinNot
Wheeler, DavidNot
Wiik, John(605)
Zikmund, Larry PNot

Thanks for your commitment to this fight and for helping win it!
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