Indiana HB 1077 removes the requirement for a conceal carry license for law-abiding citizens of the great State of Indiana for the purpose of carrying a concealed pistol on their person or in a vehicle. It has passed the House and is poised to move through the Senate if all goes well. It’s currently in the Committee on Judiciary where it got its first reading on February 7th.

While HB 1077 passed the House, there was some opposition to it. The House, having 29 Democrats and 71 Republicans (29% and 71% respectively), saw a vote of 64 yeas, 29 nays and 7 excused. Of those 64 yeas, 63 were Republican and 1 was Democrat. Of the 29 nays, 3 were Republican and 26 were Democrat. The Senate has 11 Democrats, 38 Republicans and 1 vacancy (22%, 76% and 2% respectively). If we anticipate a similar voting pattern from the Senate as the House, the Bill passage is looking like a real possibility.

But, as we all know, senators can sometimes get cold feet, especially in committee. This is why it’s so important for you to contact the members of the Committee on Judiciary to show your support for their efforts in bringing a little more Constitutional freedom to Indiana.

Below is a list of the members of the Committee on Judiciary. The general phone numbers are 800-382-9467 and 317-232-9400. The numbers listed in the table are to each Senator’s legislative assistant.

Name (The Honorable Senator)PhoneEmail
R. Michael
Lonnie M.

Thanks for your commitment to this fight and your help in winning it.

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