Washington SSB 5568 dictates that cities, towns, counties and other municipalities may now enact laws restricting the open carry of firearms. In the strictest application of this bill, a government entity as described above may prevent the law-abiding, free citizen from openly carrying a firearm or other weapon at permitted demonstrations, “public meetings[s] held by a public agency”, at buildings & facilities that counties, cities or towns own or operate and even at local municipal parks inside their jurisdiction.

Of course, the legislators who are so greedily after your freedom make plenty of exceptions to these rules for law enforcement and military personal during government-sponsored activity. As is befitting every self-respecting tyrant, they are careful not to diminish their own power, just yours.

The great danger here is that cities, counties, etc. would all, potentially, have different regulations regarding open carry. This patchwork of gun laws across the state would create such a confusion as to whether a person could open-carry, that it would likely discourage people from open-carrying at all. But then again, that seems to be the intended effect of this overreaching legislation.

If this gets passed, each of us will have to be careful crossing city, county and municipal park lines for fear of suddenly and arbitrarily becoming criminals. Don’t let that happen, act now to stop this breach of freedom. Contact the Senate Rules Committee and urge them to keep this bill off the calendar.

The list of Rules Committee members and their contact information is provided below for your convenience.

Rules Committee Members
Keiser, Karen (D)karen.keiser@leg.wa.gov(360) 786-7664
Braun, John (R)john.braun@leg.wa.gov(360) 786-7638
Billig, Andy (D)andy.billig@leg.wa.gov(360) 786-7604
Carlyle, Reuven (D)reuven.carlyle@leg.wa.gov(360) 786-7670
Cleveland, Annette (D)annette.cleveland@leg.wa.gov(360) 786-7696
Gildon, Chris (R)chris.gildon@leg.wa.gov(360) 786-7648
Hasegawa, Bob (D)bob.hasegawa@leg.wa.gov(360) 786-7616
King, Curtis (R)curtis.king@leg.wa.gov(360) 786-7626
Kuderer, Patty (D)patty.kuderer@leg.wa.gov(360) 786-7694
Liias, Marko (D)marko.liias@leg.wa.gov(360) 786-7640
Muzzall, Ron (R)ron.muzzall@leg.wa.gov(360) 786-7618
Nguyen, Joe (D)joe.nguyen@leg.wa.gov(360) 786-7667
Pedersen, Jamie (D)jamie.pedersen@leg.wa.gov(360) 786-7628
Rivers, Ann (R)ann.rivers@leg.wa.gov(360) 786-7634
Short, Shelly (R)shelly.short@leg.wa.gov(360) 786-7612
Wilson, Claire (D)claire.wilson@leg.wa.gov(360) 786-7658

Thank you for your support in fighting this draconian overreach.

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