Nebraska is on the road to finally realizing its unfettered Second Amendment right but needs your help to get there. With the introduction of LB773, the goal is within sight. LB773 not only allows for permitless carry by law-abiding citizens but prevents counties, cities and towns from enacting any restrictions against it.

Currently the bill is in the Judiciary Committee and is poised to either progress to the floor or to die. Whether it moves forward or dies in committee depends largely on the resolve of the members purportedly supporting the bill. We all need to be behind them, encouraging them to vote in favor of it.

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) and other pro-2A organizations are in strong support of this bill including the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association. But the fight is far from over and your help is required to make this happen. There is still plenty of opposition to this landmark bill and even the possibility that no action is taken by the Committee and the bill dies where it is.

Below is a pre-made message for taking fast action. Please send this message (or your own) to the Judiciary Committee members via the emails below, replacing “[YOUR NAME]” with your name. Contact them today and let them hear your voice!

Dear Senator,

The Second Amendment is a vital part of American freedom. I am encouraged to see LB773 in committee and hope to see it soon as law. I urge you to support the Second Amendment by voting YES on LB773.




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