BELLEVUE, WA – The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms has announced the winner of its “Affiliate of the Year” award for 2021 is Florida Carry, a grassroots organization that has been on the forefront of activism in the Sunshine State.

Florida Carry is a non-partisan, non-profit group based in Lehigh Acres. Incorporated in 2011, this year marks Florida Carry’s tenth anniversary. Founded by Sean Caranna and Richard Nascak, the organization has a five-member board of directors and is a 501(c)(4) group. Over the past decade, the organization has become a formidable force in Sunshine State firearms politics.

“Florida Carry is like the story of the Little Engine that Could,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “From a modest beginning, this grassroots group has demonstrated time and again that they’ll do what it takes to get the job done.”

“Obviously, this is a great honor,” said Caranna, co-founder and spokesman for the organization. “This is an affirmation of all the hard work done by all of our Florida Carry membership. On behalf of everyone in the organization, we’re grateful and humbled.

Gottlieb said strong affiliates like Florida Carry guarantee there will always be a strong defense of Second Amendment rights in every corner of the country.

“Grassroots activism is the heart and soul of the Second Amendment movement,” Gottlieb observed. “We’re proud to recognize our friends at Florida Carry for the hard work they’ve done and their devotion to protecting Second Amendment rights. We’re confident they will keep up the good work as we face a new year of challenges.”

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