BELLEVUE, WA – President Joe Biden was being intellectually dishonest, and the legacy media has allowed him get away with it by pushing gun control on the anniversary of the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“Joe Biden told reporters it is time to close loopholes that allow gun buyers to bypass background checks, but it is well-documented that the Orlando mass killer had passed background checks when he legally purchased the rifle and pistol used in the attack,” noted CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “Biden was either stupid, or intellectually dishonest with his remarks, and I’m livid the establishment media omitted this key fact in its reporting.”

The Pulse nightclub shooter purchased his rifle from a retailer in Port St. Lucie one day and he returned to the store to buy a pistol the following day. Both transactions required federal background checks, and there was a 3-day waiting period on the handgun purchase.

“This is the kind of flagrant disregard for the facts that gun owners have to deal with constantly,” Gottlieb added. “Biden wants Congress to adopt so-called ‘reforms,’ without acknowledging that when these decisions are made on Capitol Hill, they affect individual rights and freedoms, and the results can be disastrous for law-abiding citizens who had absolutely nothing to do with the Pulse shooting or any other crime.”

Gottlieb is particularly frustrated and appalled by the establishment media for giving Biden a pass on all of this without raising any questions.

“Nobody in the legacy media calls him out,” Gottlieb stated. “Not one member of the White House press corps has challenged Joe Biden on his gun control agenda, even when the facts about such incidents as the Pulse shooting are well-documented and easy to find. It is pathetic that nobody in the elite, establishment press questioned anything Biden said.

“Biden has made a lot of promises and predictions over the years about what his gun control schemes would accomplish,” Gottlieb recalled, “but all we’ve seen is more erosion of rights, added inconvenience and increased penalization of honest Americans. It’s time for the legacy media to stop giving him a pass.”