BELLEVUE, WA – A brand new Rasmussen survey indicates that 64 percent of likely U.S. voters say “it’s not possible to completely prevent mass shootings,” and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms says this is proof voters are smarter than Joe Biden and his anti-gun Democrat colleagues on Capitol Hill.

“We’re not surprised that a majority of likely voters have this one figured out better than Biden,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “After Georgia and Colorado, fewer than one in four (23%) believe mass shootings can be completely prevented, and those voters must live in the same fantasy land as the president and his Congressional comrades.”

The Rasmussen survey shows 51 percent of voters don’t believe stricter gun control laws would help prevent mass shootings. Only 39 percent think tougher laws are the answer, the survey said. A majority (49%) also thinks the United States does not need stricter gun laws, the poll revealed, while 46 percent think the country needs tougher laws.

“As one might expect,” Gottlieb observed, “Democrats by a 77 percent margin favor stricter gun control laws, but 71 percent of Republicans are against tougher laws, and so are 60 percent of Independent voters, according to the survey.

“What this tells us at the Citizens Committee is that Joe Biden and the Democrat leadership are out of touch with a majority of voters,” he continued, “and Democrats as a whole actually make up the so-called ‘fringe’ of the electorate when it comes to guns and the Second Amendment. We have said it before, and will continue repeating it, Democrats have become the party of gun confiscation and prohibition, not just gun control. The farther Democrats drift toward an anti-freedom, anti-liberty agenda, the farther the party, and its leadership, move away from traditional American ideals.

“We have been saying for years what a majority of likely voters are now telling Rasmussen,” Gottlieb said. “It must drive Biden and the Democrats crazy—although they would never admit it—to learn a majority of likely voters agree with us rather than with their extremist gun control agenda. Biden and his gun grabbing allies have been wondering for years why they can’t push their anti-gun schemes. Looks like we’re standing in their way.”