Last week we asked you to send a message to the Senate Law & Justice Committee against SB 5078’s ban on standard size magazines and SB 5038’s restriction on open carry. You stood up & we were part of massive turnout in testimony and written comments on those Senate bills. Our side had more then 3,000 show up against SB5078. Unfortunately they didn’t get the message. Both bills have passed to the Senate floor where they’ll have time for debate and possibly a vote.  But we will stop it in the House!

HB1283, the house version of more regulation on Open Carry will have a hearing Tuesday 2/2 in the House Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee at 10 am.  You can read the original bill under “Available Documents” and track where it is in the process under “Bill History” at the bill page.  1283 adds “Openly carries or display a deadly weapon in a manner that would lead a reasonable person to feel threatened” to our criminal mischief law. To vague to be consistently enforced and to dangerous to our right to keep and bear arms. HB1238 is a law that ends in a felony that bars you from future possession.

Please go to to sign in.

Select “Civil Rights & judiciary” under the committee button, then 2/2 under the meetings button and you’ll see HB1283  listed as the first bill that will be heard on Tuesday. Click 1283 & select “Type of Testimony”. There, be certain to at least select “I would like my position noted for the Legislative record” and then choose Con from the dropdown (you must fill out the form with your contact information). The committee receives a copy of all written testimony, and if you testify live during the hearing you’ll have up to 3 but most likely 1 minute to present your ideas on why the bill must not pass from committee.

Note that registration -ends- one hour before the hearing begins. Written testimony must be in 24 hours in advance. It’s a good idea to work up testimony in advance with friends or when you have time to give it a little thought. Please be courteous and concise, you’re acting as an ambassador for your civil right to keep and bear arms and all your friends in that community. 

We’re following several other bills, more on that next week. Please take action on HB1283 now. It is vital that everyone who supports our Right to Keep and Bear Arms involve themselves in the process and tell their public servants the importance of not passing any gun control.

For an overview of how the remote session works see Accessing the Legislature Remotely. Because the process is entirely remote, there are no early morning drives to Olympia just a need to methodically and professionally engage and communicate to our elected representatives. So please go to the bill page HB 1238 , check out the bill and make your voice heard at the committee page above. Be courteous, thoughtful and represent your rights.

If there are questions I can answer for you, or for a copy of this in email please email