BELLEVUE, WA – Washington state voters should boycott the Seattle Seahawks, not sacrifice their firearms rights in response to wealthy team owner Paul Allen’s $1 million donation to an extremist gun control initiative campaign, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“While NFL owners, including Allen, today adopted a new policy about kneeling during the National Anthem, gun owners definitely shouldn’t stand for Allen’s decision to help bankroll a political effort to erode their rights,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb.

Allen is one of two deep-pocket elitist billionaires who made big contributions to the Initiative 1639 campaign earlier this week. Four years ago, he contributed heavily to another gun control campaign targeting Washington’s law-abiding firearms owners.

“In recent years, the gun prohibition lobby has raised and spent small fortunes to push their anti-rights agenda,” Gottlieb observed. “Big bucks social warriors such as Allen, Michael Bloomberg, Nick Hanauer and others are using their wealth as a weapon to incrementally rob citizens of their constitutionally-protected rights.

“It’s time for Evergreen State gun owners to remind Paul Allen that financing attacks on rights protected by the state and federal constitutions has consequences,” he continued. “Not buying game tickets or team paraphernalia, not supporting game sponsors and telling them why will send a clear signal to Allen, who has employed his own private security staff, that there is a flag on this play with a long yardage penalty.

“Paul Allen can buy football teams, he can purchase basketball teams, pay for expensive yachts, and finance the Museum of Pop Culture,” Gottlieb noted, “but Constitutional rights are not for sale. By closing their pocketbooks and checkbooks, the Second Amendment community can remind him that people vote not only with their ballots, but with their wallets.”