The Washington State Senate Ways and Means Committee has been considering SB6620, an otherwise good bill hiding bad regulation for rifle owners. The bill was filed Friday night and has been fast tracked. On Monday afternoon 6620 was scheduled for a hearing Tuesday morning (2/27) at 8:30 am for only one hour. Don’t let this obvious attempt to do public business without public input succeed. Please contact the Senate Ways and Means Committee and ask them to remove all regulation of firearms from the bill and to respect public process with real public input.

Christine Rolfes (Chair) 360.786.7644
David Frockt (Vice Chair) 360.786.7690
John Braun (Ranking member) 360.786.7638
Jim Honeyford (Ass’t Ranking Mbr) 360.786.7684
Barbara Bailey 360.786.7618
Randi Becker 360.786.7600
Andy Billig 360.786.7604
Sharon Brown 360.786.7614
Carlyle Reuven 360.786.7670
Steve Conway 360.786.7656
Jeannie Darnelle 360.786.7652
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