The Oregon Senate will reportedly vote tonight, Tuesday April 18th, on three bills that would further infringe your right to keep and bear arms.

These bills make your constitutional right to keep and bear arms more difficult without solving actual problems. CCRKBA is urging its members and supporters in Oregon to contact the State Senate today.

• SB797 would allow law enforcement remove your right to purchase by delaying a background check approval forever. Delays in background checks are common and often are resolved with additional investigation. Often delays involve clerical errors or just clearing up issues between similar names. Should SB797 become law Oregon State Patrol would have no obligation to approve delayed requests, as they do now.

• SB 868 would allow third parties (family or law enforcement) to take firearms away from people who allegedly pose a danger to themselves or others. There are many laws that can be used to control dangerous people, all with important standards of evidence that this law bypasses. Rather than firearms, people who are a danger to themselves or others should get the focus and the help they need. This proposed law is badly thought out and would accomplish nothing new.

• SB 764 directs the Oregon State Police to spend taxpayer money to report on why CHLs are denied. Committee leadership has said it will be amended but the amendments are not yet public.

Please take action now. Contact the Oregon Senate and urge them to oppose these bills. Find your state senator here:

Governor Kate Brown’s office is available at (503) 378-4582