BELLEVUE, WA – When billionaire former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg told the graduating class at the University of Michigan over the weekend that the so-called “safe space” on a college campus is a “terrible idea,” he should practice more of what he preaches, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“It’s hard to be a Second Amendment advocate and agree with Bloomberg on anything,” quipped CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “but he’s right about the ‘safe space’ being the wrong approach. I just wish he would apply the same reasoning to his own philosophy about firearms.

“Even when he was serving as New York mayor,” he continued, “Bloomberg championed efforts to turn cities into ‘gun-free safe zones,’ which amounts to the same foolishness as a ‘safe space’ on a campus. Just as Bloomberg told Michigan’s graduating seniors that the campus ‘safe space creates the false impression that we can insulate ourselves from those who hold different views,’ a ‘gun-free safe zone’ creates the false impression that being in such a place insulates people from violent criminals or terrorists.

“The notion that creating a ‘gun-free safe zone’ will stop tragedies is a dangerous illusion,” Gottlieb said. “Disarming honest citizens and leaving them vulnerable to unspeakable violence is not simply dishonest, it is delusional.”

Bloomberg also told the graduating class that “Every generation has had to confront its own demagogues.” Gottlieb said that is exactly why Second Amendment activists stand up to the anti-gun billionaire.

“Michael Bloomberg has used his wealth to force his world view down the throats of law-abiding gun owners,” he stated. “Demagogues think they can bully people out of their rights. Wealthy elitist demagogues think they can buy those rights through initiative campaigns or by helping elect politicians who legislate against those rights.

“What a pity that Bloomberg doesn’t practice what he preaches,” Gottlieb concluded.