BELLEVUE, WA – The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today is urging Idaho gun owners to contact their state legislators in support of Senate bill 1389, which amends existing law to revise provisions regarding concealed weapons, and prohibited conduct.

If passed, this legislation will allow the concealed carry of a handgun without a permit by Idaho residents over the age of 21 who are not disqualified from being issued such a license. The bill was introduced by State Sen. Curt McKenzie (R-District 13).

“Idaho can join a handful of other states that have taken similar actions by eliminating the need for a piece of paper to exercise the constitutional right to bear arms,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “We have seen no evidence that permitless carry by honest citizens has been a concern to public safety, anywhere it has become law.

“We know that the gun prohibition lobby tried to prevent West Virginia from adopting what is generically called ‘Constitutional Carry,’ but last week their Legislature overrode the governor’s veto,” he added. “Their sky-is-falling rhetoric should never trump the constitution or the right of self-defense.”

A hearing on the proposal is scheduled next Monday morning in the Lincoln Auditorium at the Capitol in Boise before the Senate State Affairs Committee.

Contact the legislature at: