As the Florida House of Representatives prepares to vote on Open Carry bill HB 163 and Campus Carry bill HB 68 on Tuesday, February 2nd it is now more critical than ever that supporters of the right to keep and bear arms contact elected representatives in Florida!
Under current Florida law, mere accidental exposure of a lawfully carried sidearm – while reaching for a product on a tall shelf or when wind blows a cover garment aside – is grounds for arrest.
House Bill 163 would allow license holders to carry open or concealed in the state without needless risk of criminal liability or harassment. This is particularly critical in light of recent calls by the Committee to Stop Gun Violence and other anti-rights groups to call police “If you see someone carrying a firearm in public — openly or concealed — and have ANY doubts about their intent” – an invitation to a potentially SWAT-like response.
Also under current Florida law, even gun owners with concealed carry licenses, training and background checks can be arrested if found in possession of a firearm on a university or college campus, even on unmarked properties.
House Bill 68 would recognize that a license holder doesn’t somehow magically lose the ability to behave responsibly by setting foot on such properties and deletes that provision.
Each bill faces hostile amendments on the House Floor on Tuesday in attempts to gun or destroy them.
Our affiliate, Florida Carry, is leading the charge to push these vital steps towards common sense gun laws forward in the face of bitter resistance. They need YOUR help!
Florida Carry does not need your money to win this battle, they need your Pro Liberty Grassroots involvement. Take one minute, call a Florida Representative & let them know that you support HB 163 and HB68 – without hostile amendments!
You can use the following link to get a list of the members of the Florida House of Representatives.
Thank you for your help at this critical time.