BELLEVUE, WA — Even before the victims had been removed from the crime scene in San Bernardino following Wednesday’s mass shooting, gun prohibitionist Shannon Watts was shamelessly exploiting the tragedy, and carefully avoiding the fact that the very gun laws she has supported failed to prevent the attack.

Watts, in an e-mail blast to supporters, argued, “There are common-sense steps we can take to stop this from becoming the new normal.”

CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb said Watts, founder of the Moms Demand Action gun control lobbying group, which is supported by anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg, was “spouting carefully-worded, deceitful nonsense.”

“Shannon Watts obviously wouldn’t recognize common sense if it fell on her,” Gottlieb observed. “California has adopted nearly every so-called ‘common sense’ gun control law her ilk has supported, and none of those restrictive measures prevented this outrage.

“While Watts and Bloomberg have been working overtime to trample the rights of honest gun owners,” he continued, “they have accomplished nothing that would have stopped Wednesday’s attack, or any other potential act of domestic terrorism, and they know it. Nothing that gun control extremists have passed in California, where some of the most stringent gun control laws have been in place for years, interfered with this horrible crime.

“It’s time for Shannon Watts to publicly admit that the gun control agenda her organization and other gun prohibition groups have tried to impose on America has been an abject failure,” Gottlieb stated. “Anything less would be delusional and dishonest.”