BELLEVUE, WA – President Barack Obama told White House reporters that the nation should be ashamed if it has forgotten the Newtown tragedy, but the real shame is that the president and other anti-gunners have exploited that crime to push a gun control agenda that has nothing to do with Sandy Hook, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

The president is putting the full force of the White House behind gun control measures, and he took the opportunity to tell the nation “Shame on us if we’ve forgotten” the Dec. 14 outrage.

“Shame on you, Mister President,” declared CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “for trying to capitalize on that tragedy to push an anti-gun agenda that has been on your wish list since before you took office.

“We haven’t forgotten Sandy Hook,” he continued, “nor have we forgotten that during the first weeks of your administration, Eric Holder floated trial balloons about renewing and expanding the ban on modern sporting rifles. We also haven’t forgotten that your administration tried to exploit the Fast and Furious debacle to expand gun regulations in the Southwest. We haven’t forgotten that you extended executive privilege to thousands of documents subpoenaed by Congress that are related to that disgraceful operation.

“The shame is on your administration and your allies on Capitol Hill and in the gun prohibition lobby for pandering a tried-and-failed strategy of gun bans and backdoor registration schemes as a panacea to crime,” Gottlieb stated. “Shame on you for your ‘we’ve got to do something’ harangue and then admitting that it will not prevent further violent crimes.

“For Barack Obama to suggest that the nation should be ashamed for not blindly submitting to his gun grabbing political agenda is not simply arrogant, it’s absurd,” Gottlieb remarked. “His attempt to create national guilt because millions of citizens refuse to be subservient to his political desires sounds more like the rant of a spoiled emperor than a sensible president.”