Chicago’s Rhonda Ezell is a gallant lady with two missions in life doing what I can do for the Second Amendment and winning her very personal battle against a kidney ailment that has her waiting desperately for a transplant.This 44-year-old Chicago native became the central figure in a gun rights victory against Chicago’ sgun control ordinance that banned shooting ranges inside the city limits, despite a requirement that people seeking a permit must take a training course that includes shooting on a range.range. Ezell, a life member of the Illinois State Rifle Association and a victim of crime in her South Side neighborhood, took one look at Chicago’s ordinance and concluded this is nonsense. She recalls that when the city in response to its Supreme Court loss in McDonald v. Chicago first pass edits new gun ordinance, she had just gotten out of the hospital. She contacted ISRA for details and just happened to encounter Pearson and the Lawsons at police headquarters.She told them about all the hoops she had jumped through in order to obtain a permit to keep a handgun in her home.They decided my rights had been violated, she commented.So, too, did a federal appeals court in the case of Ezell v. City of Chicago,and it elevated Rhonda to the status of local celebrity in the gun rights movement, something she accepts with considerable modesty  CCRKBA is proud to recognize her as the Gun Rights Defender of the Month.