David G. Sigale of Glen Ellyn,Illinois is the CCRKBA Gun Rights Defender of the Month for February,2012. David Sigale is a skilled Second Amendment advocate, said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb,His dedication to our right to keep and bear arms civil rights, and his passion for justice are exceptional,”he continued.The Second Amendment Foundation recently awarded David its 2011 Bill of Rights award,and he was selected for the Illinois Super Lawyer list for 2012, which rates him among the top 5% of Illinois attorneys.His B.A is from Indiana University Bloomington and J.D is from Georgetown University Law Center.Sigale was co-counsel in McDonaldv. City of Chicago, where he worked with Alan Gura in overturning Chicago’s long-standing handgun ban before the United States Supreme Court.Every litigation attorney dreams of the Supreme Court, much like an athlete dreams of the World Series or Super Bowl,David said. I was extremely fortunate, not only in appearing before the Court with someone who is both a brilliant attorney and good friend, but also to help make a difference on something I strongly believe in,”he continued.While growing up outside Chicago, news stories of violence were common. When offered the opportunity to do something about the problem, if I could help would be victims of domestic violence or home invasions protect their live sand their families, and help avert potential tragedies, I jumped at it,”David explained.A double major in psychology and criminal justice at Indiana,Sigale studied not only about the bad things people do, but also why.David opined, The City of Chicago focuses not on the real problem,which is catching criminals and stopping crime, and focuses instead on a political placebo, as if disarming law-abiding citizens somehow makes people safer.