BELLEVUE, WA – If President Barack Obama does not appoint a special, independent prosecutor to investigate the Justice Department’s cover-up of Operation Fast and Furious, and find out what Attorney General Eric Holder knew and when he knew it, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms may hire its own “shadow” investigator.

“President Obama told reporters yesterday that he has complete confidence in Eric Holder,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “From our perspective, it looks like the president has complete confidence that Holder will continue to stonewall Congress and cover up this mess. The President has been asked to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the attorney general. If he doesn’t, then someone else must act.”

Gottlieb said the Fast and Furious scandal is “far worse than Watergate, because nobody got killed as a result of Watergate.” The investigation began when two on-line journalists uncovered evidence that the gun trafficking scheme put thousands of guns into the hands of Mexican cartel gunmen. Two of those guns were recovered at the murder scene of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry last December

“Fast and Furious has gotten a lot of people killed,” he observed, “including Brian Terry. CBS News disclosed Friday morning that former Deputy Attorney General Gary Grindler knew about Fast and Furious 18 months ago. He’s now Holder’s chief of staff. Yet the President and Holder both stick to the claim that they had no knowledge of the operation. Just how much longer does this administration think the American public is going to believe that story? People aren’t that gullible.

“The public deserves to know whether the Attorney General, the top law enforcement official in the United States, committed perjury when he testified before Congress,” Gottlieb said.

“What’s happening right now is a travesty,” he concluded. “Obama isn’t going to fire Holder or accept his resignation. He desperately needs Holder to stay on the job and continue obfuscating and stonewalling. Obama is more interested in damage control than he is in gun control.”