Governor Janice K. Brewer ofArizona is the CCRKBA GunRights Defender on the Monthfor June.In nominating the Grand CanyonState chief executive for the Award,John M. Snyder, CCRKBA PublicAffairs Director, said that, “Gov. JanBrewer, since she became governorin January, 2009, has demonstratedgenuine support of the individualright to keep and bear arms. Shehas manifested this by dramaticaction as well as by articulate word.She most certainly deserves thisCCRKBA Gun Rights Defender ofthe Month Award.”In mid-April, Governor Brewersigned into a law a measure allowingadults in her state to carry a concealedfirearm without a permit,thus putting her in the forefrontof those supporting what is beingcharacterized as constitutionalcarry.Arizona joined Alaska and Vermontin allowing concealed carrywithout permits. The Arizona lawstill enables law-abiding citizens toobtain concealed carry permits ifdesired.“The State of Arizona has longbeen the home to defenders ofpersonal liberty and the freedomsenshrined and protected by theConstitution of the United Statesand our State Constitution,” saidGov. Brewer.“I believe strongly in the individualrights and responsibilitiesof a free society, and as GovernorI have pledged a solemn and importantoath to protect and defendthe Constitution,” she continued.“Today I signed Senate Bill 1108,the constitutional carry bill. I believethis legislation not only protectsthe Second Amendment rights ofArizona citizens, but restores thoserights as well. I am joined in supportof this legislation by both Republicanand Democratic members of the Arizonalegislature, and I laud the strongnumber of bipartisan supporters whojoin with me to defend the rights ofour citizens.”Brewer was Arizona Secretary ofState from 2002 through 2009. She accededto the governorship when herpredecessor, Janet Napolitano, wasappointed Secretary of the federalDepartment of Homeland Security(DHS) by President Barack Obama.Brewer has been quite a contrastto Napolitano on gun rights issues.As governor, Napolitano vetoed ameasure which would have alloweda person without a concealed carrypermit to carry a firearm by meansof any transportation other thanpublic transportation. Napolitanoalso vetoed a measure which wouldhave lowered the penalty for carryinga firearm without a permit to apetty offense, as well as a bill whichwould have provided for a lifetimeconcealed carry permit.As an Obama administration official,Napolitano was in charge lastyear when DHS issued a message tolaw enforcement officials alleging “acorrelation may exist between thepotential passage of gun control legislationand increased hoarding ofammunition, weapons stockpiling,and paramilitary training activitiesamong right wing extremists.”Since Brewer took over from Napolitano,she has signed into law ameasure which prohibits cities fromhaving restrictions on firearms morestringent than anything in state law,as well as a bill stating that federallaws do not apply to guns and ammunitionmanufactured wholly inArizona.Born in California, Brewer receivedradiological education fromValley College in Burbank, California.A Lutheran, she is married toDr. John Brewer.Prior to her service as Arizona’sSecretary of State, Gov. Brewerserved as Maricopa County Supervisor.She spent 14 years in the ArizonaState Legislature, first as a staterepresentative from 1983 to 1986,and then as a state senator from1987 to 1996. As senator, she heldthe leadership position of MajorityWhip, and worked successfully fortax relief and budget reform; truth insentencing; open enrollment, schoolreport cards, and charter schools;clean air and water legislation andstate trust land preservation.She is a member of the ArizonaRifle and Pistol Association.