Delegate Richard D. Smigiel, Jr.of Maryland is the CCRKBA GunRights Defender of the Month forMarch.In nominating this member ofthe Maryland House of Delegatesfor the Award, John M. Snyder,CCRKBA Public Affairs Director,stated that, “Delegate Smigiel isa forthright, articulate and determinedadvocate of law-abidingcitizens’ gun rights in the midst ofa state and in that state’s legislatureat a time when opposition to gunrights is and for some time has beenin the ascendency. However, thishas not and does not stop MikeSmigiel in his promotion of theindividual, Second Amendmentcivil right to keep and bear arms.In fact, he is an advocate withinthe legislature of the so-called FreeState for a policy of shall issue onthe concealed carry controversy.He certainly deserves this CCRKBAaward for recognition of his serviceto the gun rights movement.”While the vast majority of statesrequire that permits to carry concealedfirearms be issued to qualifiedapplicants, a number, includingMaryland, allow such permits tobe issued only at the discretion ofa government authority.In an effort to, among other things,highlight the inanity of this policy inthis day and age, Delegate Smigielhas introduced legislation in Annapolis,the State Capital, to providethat, “A license issued by Delaware,Pennsylvania, or Virginia to an individualto carry a regulated firearm,including a concealed regulatedfirearm, is valid in this state.”The proposed legislation, HouseBill 52, has been assigned to theJudiciary Committee.If passed, it would underscorethe ridiculous nature of Maryland’spolicy by making it easier from alegal standpoint for individuals withCCW permits from contiguous statesto carry legally in Maryland than it isfor individuals in Maryland withoutCCW permits from contiguous states.HB 52 would define regulated firearmto mean a handgun.It also would include in the definitionof firearm a list of specific “assaultweapons” or their copies, regardlessof which company produced andmanufactured the “assault weapon.”Included in the list are AmericanArms Spectre da Semiautomaticcarbine; AK-47 in all forms; AlgimecAGM-1 type semi-auto; AR 100 typesemi-auto; AR 180 type semi-auto; ArgentineL.S.R. semi-auto; AustralianAutomatic Arms SAR type semi-auto;Auto-Ordnance Thompson M1 and1927 semi-automatics; Barrett light.50 cal. semi-auto; Beretta AR 70 typesemi-auto; Bushmaster semi-autorifle; Calico models M-100 and M-900;CIS SR 88 type semi-auto; ClaridgeHI TEC C-9 carbines; Colt AR-15,CAR-15, and all imitations except ColtAR-15 Sporter H-BAR rifle; DaewooMAX 1 and MAX 2, aka AR 100, 110C,K-1, and K-2; Drugunov Chinesemade semi-auto; Famas semi-auto(.223 caliber); Feather AT-9 semi-auto;FN LAR and FN FAL assault-rifle;FNC semi-auto type carbine; F.I.E./Franchi LAW 12 and SPAS 12 assaultshotgun; Steyr-AUG-SA semi-auto;Galil models AR and ARM semi-auto;Heckler and Koch HK-91 A3, HK-93A2, HK-94 A2 and A3; Holmes model88 shotgun; Avtomat Kalashnikovsemiautomatic rifle in any format;Manchester Arms “Commando”MK-45, MK-9; Mandell TAC-1 semiautocarbine; Mossberg model 500Bullpup assault shotgun; SterlingMark 6; P.A.W.S. carbine; Rugermini-14 folding stock model (.223caliber); SIG 550/551 assault rifle(.223 caliber); SKS with detachablemagazine; AP-74 Commando typesemi-auto; Springfield ArmoryBM-59, SAR-48, G3, SAR-3, M-21sniper rifle, M1A, excluding the M1Garand; Street sweeper assault typeshotgun; Striker 12 assault shotgunin all formats; Unique F11 semi-autotype; Daewoo USAS 12 semi-autoshotgun; UZI 9mm carbine or rifle;Valmet M-76 and M-78 semi-auto;Weaver Arms “Nighthawk” semiautocarbine; and Wilkinson Arms9mm semi-auto “Terry.”Smigiel has been in the House ofDelegates for 10 years, and has beenMinority Parliamentarian for threeyears. He represents Caroline, Cecil,Kent and Queen Anne Counties. Amember of the Judiciary Committee,he serves on the Juvenile Law andCriminal Justice Subcommittees.He has been a member of the MarylandLegislative Sportsmen’s Caucussince 2003.Born in Baltimore, Maryland onJune 18, 1958, Smigiel served inthe U.S. Marine Corps 1975-79. Heearned a Bachelor of Arts degree inpolitical science from Northern IllinoisUniversity in 1985 and a JurisDoctor degree from Northern IllinoisUniversity College of Law in 1989.He was admitted to the MarylandBar the same year. He is a member ofthe Cecil County Bar Association, theMaryland Trial Lawyers Association,the Family Services Association, andthe Leadership Maryland Forum forPolicy Change