As this is being written in late October, Congress has passed only two of 12 appropriations acts to fund federal government agencies for the fiscal year that began October 1st. The government is currently running on a “continuing resolution,” allowing expenditures at the same rate as last year. Continuing resolutions normally carry over until all of the appropriations acts have passed. In this situation, it is highly likely that an omnibus appropriations act, combining all departments, will pass out sometime in November or December. Omnibus spending bills are an opportunity for mischief. Last minute deals are made and amendments passed, frequently by voice vote to prevent accountability. The Obama administration is under increasing pressure from the left to take action on liberal issues. Gun control is undoubtedly in that mix. There have been renewed rumors of another federal “assault weapon” ban, this one supposedly to keep American guns from going to Mexico. Maybe if the Mexican government (and OUR government) would do a better job of patrolling the border, illegal activity of ALL kinds might be reduced. Your elected officials will be coming home for Thanksgiving and Christmas recesses. Take the time to call or visit their offices and remind them that gun control is a steady hand, NOT more restrictions on lawabiding citizens. It wouldn’t hurt to remind Democrat legislators of the parting words of a retiring Democrat Congressman, “Gun control is the third rail of Democrat politics.” Congressional and Senate contact information is available in the left margin of the CCRKBA web site at or the SAF web site at Local Congressional office telephone numbers and addresses are also available in the “blue pages” at the front of your local telephone directory.