“In these troublous times, anti-gun extremists are on the offensive in the Nation’s Capital and in a number of states throughout our country,” noted John M. Snyder, CCRKBA Public Affairs Director. “Fortunately for us who honor traditional American principles of freedom, there are a number of dedicated and articulate activists at the local, state and national level who work assiduously in the face of tremendous obstacles to maintain our individual, Second Amendment civil right to keep and bear arms.
“Such an individual is Robert D. Culver, an outstanding gun rights activist in Maryland, where anti-gun activity is especially prevalent, and where Bob for years has given unstintingly of himself in combating gun-grabbing extremists in the media and at various levels of government. He most certainly deserves to be named CCRKBA Gun Rights Defender of the Month, and I nominate him for the Award.”
Bob is Chairman of Montgomery Citizens for a Safer Maryland (MC SM), a grass roots discussion and action group which seeks to protect law-abiding citizens’ gun rights in Montgomery County, Maryland and throughout the State of Maryland. Montgomery County borders Washington, D.C. and is the area in which many of the anti-gun politicians and other anti-gun activists who make their influence felt in the Nation’s Capital hang their hats.
When Bob fights for gun rights in Montgomery County, his leadership has reverberations in Washington, D.C.
He says he has been involved in the gun rights movement since his “dad taught me to shoot and bought me my first rifle at age 10. Being a good dad, an engineer and a good provider, he bought me a Belgium Browning ATD .22lr semi-auto.”
Bob continued his shooting interest and activities in high school and beyond.
Then, he says, “Things started to change. People in positions of political power, but without much sense, started to try to tell the citizens what was best for them. Not that this hadn’t been going on for years, but now it was in the area of my interest, firearms. I should have been paying more attention. Each criminal tendency, acted out by a social nut-case, was attempted to be solved for all future time by legal restrictions on society. This was obviously hard on the 99.99 percent of gun owners who were NOT criminals. Guilt by association, I guess. The Constitution was being warped. The need to become active was seen.
“If the state wants to outlaw certain pistols, then it must be time to buy one and I now have the first of several side arms. If the state wants to ban private transfers of regulated firearms between family members, time for another purchase and now my wife has her first personal firearm. She does not have to borrow mine and hopefully she will enjoy cleaning and maintaining it as much as she seems to think I do. The state wants to require integrated trigger locks and spent shell casing ‘ballistic fingerprints,’ time to buy some more before this additional burden goes into effect, so we have a His and Hers Pistol Christmas. The state begins classifying firearms as ‘assault weapons,’ now I have several military pattern semi-auto rifles. The list goes on. Each snip, each cut at liberty as reflected by attempts to ban firearms causes another spurt of interest.”
Bob is active “to educate others at venues like town fairs, shooting range open houses and other public events that promote the ‘shooting sports.’” He says he is “the hunter and the trap shooter. I am the High Power and the small bore shooter…I am several tens of millions of civilians who have decided to become citizens.”
Bob is a native of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and a partner in the consulting engineering firm of Lohnes & Culver. That firm has been engaged in communication consulting engineering for more than 60 years, since 1944. Bob has been employed there as an engineer since 1965 and a full partner since 1977.
He graduated from the University of Maryland in 1970, with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He has taken post-graduate studies at The George Washington University and elsewhere. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Maryland. He is Past President of AFCCE, the Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers. His professional practice includes technical representation and expert testimony for broadcast and technology companies.
For the last several years he has been working on Digital Radio Broadcasting (DRB), Digital Television (DTV) and related projects.
He and his wife Cathy enjoy Alpine skiing, mountain hiking and the shooting sports.