As the holiday season approaches, let us keep in mind that Congress may reconvene post election and our right to keep and bear arms may still be affected by the congressional legislative process. One way to deal with this possibility and at the same time, promote our gun rights, is to give people a membership in CCRKBA.
2009 will be a hard year for gun rights, and we all need to work together to combat the gun grabbers. Whatever you can do to increase and strengthen CCRKBA membership can help CCRKBA battle the gun haters in Congress and elsewhere.
Members of CCRKBA receive a copy of Point Blank each month, keeping readers informed about changes in the law affecting your gun rights, as well as what CCRKBA Members can do to be a part of the process.
CCRKBA Members also receive a membership card, Action Alerts which keep members up to date about urgent action you can take to preserve your firearm rights, assistance in stopping any local attempts to curtail your right to own and use firearms, periodic membership surveys and polls that aid CCRKBA in determining policy, and access to CCRKBA’s Speakers Bureau composed of outstanding Americans who are experts on gun rights as well as pro-gun books and bumper stickers, films, buttons, hats and other items.
Write for as many CCRKBA membership application forms as you can use to CCRKBA, 12500 N.E. 10th Place, Bellevue WA 98005, phone (425) 454-4911, fax (425) 451-3959, or check out the at