On Tuesday, November 4, Election Day, Americans face what well could turn out to be the most important political contests to date for determining what may be the future of the individual Second Amendment civil right to keep and bear arms.
Although the Supreme Court decided in June for the individualist interpretation of the Second Amendment, it did only by the slim margin of five to four. A slight change in the ideological composition of the Court in a collectivist direction on the Second Amendment could lead to a reversal of the District of Columbia v. Heller decision.
Since the next President probably will be in a position to nominate one or more justices to the Court, it is important that gun rights supporters are registered to vote and able to vote for the candidate most likely to nominate to the Court jurists who accept the originalist, individualist appreciation of the Second Amendment. It also is important for prospective voters to be able to vote for U.S. Senate candidates most likely to support confirmation of such appointees when they come before that body for confirmation.
It’s easy but absolutely most important that gun owners make use of the forthcoming election to support candidates who support their civil rights. CCRKBA Members and Supporters can do this by making sure they are registered to vote and indeed do vote.
CCRKBA Members and Supporters: Your gun rights are at stake! Your vote is your voice! Use it or lose it!