This summer as in past years, Congress plans to take several formal recesses when they return to the home district to communicate with constituents. These communications take many forms, including “town hall” meetings where they address gatherings of a few dozen to a few hundred citizens, public appearances where the citizens they represent can at least see them if not talk to them, and private meetings with constituents.
Although the specific recess dates may not have been locked completely into place, they typically include a long Fourth of July recess this month and another, longer recess next month, plus an extended Labor Day recess in September
One matter CCRKBA Members and Supporters could impress upon their U.S. Representative and both of their U.S. Senators is the importance of retaining the Tiahrt Amendment as part of the appropriations measure for funding the Justice Department and, therefore, of rejecting S. 2769, a measure introduced by Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey to gut the Tiahrt Amendment. The Tiahrt Amendment prohibits anti-gun mayors like Michael Bloomberg of New York City and others from acquiring access to firearms transaction information designed specifically for criminal investigative and prosecution purposes and then using that information in harassing lawsuits against law-abiding entities within the firearms industry.
Call your Representative’s or Senators’ district office, which may be found in the blue pages at the front of your telephone directory, and ask when he or she may be holding a town hall meeting in your area. Plan on attending the meeting and listening to what these officials have to say about firearms-related issues and our right to keep and bear arms. If they’re silent on the gun issue, bring up the issue, and let them know that ongoing terrorist threats and continuing attempts by anti-gun politicians to undermine our gun rights generate perpetual interest in supporting the individual Second Amendment civil right to keep and bear arms. Stand up and be counted!