Please Contact Your Assembly Members and Assembly Leadership Immediately!

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and the Association of New Jercey Rifle and Pistol clubs needs your help now!

On Monday, June 23, the New Jersey Assembly is scheduled to vote on A339 – New Jersey’s latest version of gun rationing legislation, which affects collectors, sportsmen, target shooters, and interferes with the inheritance of firearms.

The legislation, sponsored by Assemblywoman Joan Quigley (D-32), would criminalize the purchase of more than one handgun per month by honest citizens, even though they have already been pre-certified by the state as law abiding citizens after passing a comprehensive 13-point background investigation. Multiple handgun permits could not be used during the same 30-day period, and permits that could not be used before their expiration date would become useless.

The legislation restricts the rights of law abiding citizens, and fails to address the true source of “gun violence” – criminals. A New Jersey court recently invalidated similar legislation brought at the local level, holding that there is no rational relationship between restricting the number of firearms purchased by law abiding citizens and crime.

Please contact your Assembly members TODAY and respectfully urge them to oppose A339! To find your Assembly member,click here.

In addition to contacting your own Assembly member, please also IMMEDIATELY contact the Speaker of the Assembly and respectfully urge him to HOLD A339:


Assemblyman Joseph Roberts (D-5)
Phone: (609) 292-7065
Fax: (856) 742-1831