What’s wrong with Pizza Hut? Plenty!
As the article above demonstrates, the company policy prohibiting its employees from carrying guns, even if they have valid handgun permits, is obviously inane, if not downright insane.
In this case, it was only because the Pizza Hut delivery driver used a handgun to defend himself from an armed robber that he is alive today. But Pizza Hut policy forbids that. Essentially, the policy condemns its own innocent at-risk drivers to injury or death at the hands of armed criminals.
Pizza Hut is one of the largest pizza companies in the country, but the company simply cannot go on treating its employees like their lives are unworthy of self-protection.
Contact Pizza Hut, Inc. and let them know how upset you are with this policy of insensitivity to employees. The corporate headquarters are located at 14841 Dallas Parkway in Dallas, Texas 75254. The President is a guy named Scott Bergren. The Chief Financial Officer is David Gibbs. The Chief Operating Officer is Patrick Murtha.
There are several telephone numbers listed for the company. They are: 800-948-8488, 972-338-7700, 972-338-7844 and 866-298-6986.
As a number of studies have shown, and as the title of John Lott’s book More Guns Less Crime so well illustrates, an increase in the availability of guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens correlates with decreases in the rates of violent crime. Bergren, Gibbs, Murtha and Walbert need to have this truth pointed out to them by lots of law-abiding, pizza-loving armed citizens!