BELLEVUE, WA – The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms urges Georgia gun owners to contact Gov. Sonny Perdue in support of HB-89, which will update Georgia’s right-to-carry statute.

“This sensible reform legislation passed by overwhelming numbers,” said CCRBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “Not only does it resolve some problems for legally-armed Georgia citizens, it also prohibits entrapment of gun dealers in the kind of stings mounted two years ago by anti-gun billionaire New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg that recently put at least one Georgia gun dealer out of business.

“By passing this responsible update,” he continued, “Georgia lawmakers have shown they trust armed citizens, and Gov. Perdue should follow their lead and sign this measure.”

Under provisions of HB-89, permit holders will now be able to have their firearms in their private vehicles in any publicly-accessible parking lot. Legally armed citizens will also be able to carry in state parks and recreational areas, including Wildlife Management Areas, and on public transportation, including MARTA.

“Anti-gun extremists fought this reasonable reform measure, pulling out all the old, tired sky-is-falling arguments they have used all over the map to prevent honest citizens from exercising their right of self-defense,” Gottlieb observed. “They have been consistently proven wrong by the overall good conduct of armed citizens, and there is no reason to expect anything different in Georgia.

“No doubt Gov. Perdue is under lots of pressure to veto this bill,” Gottlieb said. “It’s time for Georgia’s law-abiding firearms owners to make their voices heard, and do it today.”

To reach Gov. Sonny Perdue’s office, call (404) 656-1776.