BELLEVUE, WA – The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today announced its support for legislation introduced by State Sen. Mark Christensen that would amend the state’s concealed carry law to provide a residency exception to non-resident military personnel stationed in the state.

CCRKBA Field Rep. Timothy Tyrrell said this measure will benefit service men and women who have taken an oath to defend the country, and want to have the means to defend themselves and their families while on duty in the Cornhusker State. He noted that since Nebraska does not have a reciprocity or recognition provision in its concealed carry law, this change will allow members of the military to have the same ability to obtain a Nebraska permit, after 180 days of continued residence in the state.

“This is a good thing for members of the military stationed here,” Tyrrell said. “It’s a good thing that Sen. Christensen is doing.”

Under Christensen’s bill, LB826, military applicants for a Nebraska carry permit would have to meet the same qualifications as any other citizen who applies.

“Members of the military stationed away from home should not lose their right or ability to defend themselves just because they happen to be on duty in Nebraska,” said CCRKBA Executive Director Mark A. Taff. “We look at this as a sort of housekeeping measure that probably should have been included in the state’s original concealed carry law.

“Hopefully down the road,” Taff added, “Nebraska lawmakers will pass some type of reciprocity or blanket recognition legislation that honors concealed carry licenses and permits from other states. In the meantime, this is a sensible first step and our hats are off to Sen. Christensen for sponsoring this bill.”