BELLEVUE, WA—The Buckeye Firearms Association — a grassroots organization of activist gun owners in Ohio — has been recognized as the “Grassroots Organization of the Year” for 2007 by the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

The award was presented by CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb during the 21st annual Gun Rights Policy Conference, held at the Drawbridge Inn and Convention Center in Ft. Mitchell, KY across the Ohio River from Cincinnati.

“We give this annual award in recognition of tireless hard work and dedication to the preservation of the individual right to keep and bear arms,” Gottlieb said, “and the Buckeye Firearms Association has certainly lived up to that standard.

“If there were a living definition of ‘grassroots’, the Buckeye Firearms Association would definitely be the example,” he continued. “In the few short years they have been in existence, they have become a driving force in Ohio at every political level.”

BFA Chairman Jim Irvine noted, “The Buckeye Firearms Association is something our anti-gun adversaries can only dream of. We are an army of volunteers who understand our issue, and that the greatest rewards come from dedicated work. Our Second Amendment rights are one of the pillars of our great country and we will continue our fight to restore them.”

Gottlieb said it was a “real pleasure and privilege” to present this year’s award to the Buckeye Firearms Association. He said the group’s relatively brief history should stand as an example to be followed by activists in other states where gun rights are under attack and gun owners want to get involved.

“It was a genuine pleasure to work with the Buckeye Firearms Association at this year’s Gun Rights Policy Conference,” noted CCRKBA Executive Director Mark A. Taff. “With such dedicated, hard-working volunteers in their ranks, I’d say this is an organization that will continue making its mark on Ohio politics in the battle to protect and enhance the rights of all gun owners in the Buckeye State.”