BELLEVUE, WA – Gun-phobic New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is like Emperor Nero of Rome; he is “fiddling with lawsuits” and blaming everyone else for New York crime problems while he hasn’t stopped murders from increasing, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“While billionaire Bloomberg is so busy pointing fingers at businessmen in other states,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan M. Gottlieb, “the murder rate in New York has gone up right under his nose. This emperor needs a different tailor, because his current wardrobe, like his rhetoric, is wearing kind of thin.”

New York reported a nearly 10 percent increase in homicides this year, 579 through Christmas Eve, which included victims who had been shot or stabbed in previous years but only died in 2006.

“New York street criminals are pretty much home-grown troublemakers,” Gottlieb said. “Yet Bloomberg addresses the crimes they’re committing by trotting around the landscape with his rogue effort to sue firearms retailers in several other states. Instead of leading his police department in a frontal attack against criminals in his own front and back yard, he’s been playing vigilante games.

“If this guy honestly thinks he’s going to bring New York hoodlums to bay by sending a lynch mob of lawyers after business owners in other states,” Gottlieb observed, “all I can say is that Bloomberg really is a blooming idiot.”

“The fact is, criminals are going to get their hands on firearms, no matter what kind of Draconian gun law Bloomberg and his cronies try to engineer, and no matter how many lawsuits his pin stripe posse files,” Gottlieb stated. “That’s because gun laws, and harassment lawsuits, only affect honest people. Criminals don’t obey laws, and they sure don’t care about lawsuits filed against some poor guy four states away that they never heard of.

“New York thugs are the problem, and Bloomberg knows it,” Gottlieb said. “But instead of rolling up the sleeves of his tailor made shirts and getting down to the street level where the fight against crime is won or lost, Bloomberg rushes to the bright lights of press conference cameras and high dollar luncheons to proclaim what a hero he is. It’s all show biz, and it’s all fakery. And while his attention is elsewhere, people at home are dying.”