BELLEVUE, WA – A highly-publicized “gun summit” planned by anti-gun Mayors Michael Bloomberg of New York and Thomas Menino of Boston next week is really a planning session to devise more schemes to restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens, which will only lead to more crime because people will be unable to protect themselves, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) said today.

“Rather than devising and suggesting more restrictions on the rights of law-abiding gun owners, these mayors need to recognize that urban violence is a symptom of deeper problems that their bankrupt social policies perpetuate,” said CCRKBA Executive Director Joe Waldron.

“Ten years ago,” Waldron said, “the ‘solution’ to gun trafficking into New York City from southern states with so-called ‘lax’ gun laws was to impose one-gun-a-month laws in those states. That scheme proved a colossal failure because Virginia, where such a law is on the books, is still the number one source of illegal guns in New York. Yet honest citizens face ridiculous roadblocks to gun ownership, and legal concealed carry is impossible.

“This is really a case of demand creating the market,” Waldron said. “Street thugs will find and exploit any source of firearms, regardless what restrictions are placed on honest gun owners. Criminals ignore laws, especially gun laws, and Bloomberg, Menino and their anti-gun colleagues from around the country know it.

“Just how the mayors of Dallas, Seattle, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. expect to discourage violent inner-city thugs, who account for more than half of all U.S. homicides, by slapping restrictions on all citizens across the nation is puzzling,” Waldron observed. “These are the same people who want to their cities to be ‘amnesty zones’ for illegal aliens. They and their predecessors have advocated Draconian gun laws that directly attack the rights of law-abiding citizens, particularly in New York, Chicago, Milwaukee and the District of Columbia, leaving them at the mercy of the criminals.

“Bloomberg, Menino and the others aren’t going to provide a solution,” said Waldron, “because their policies are the problem. If these mayors want to discourage criminals, they should support laws that give citizens the tools to fight back, and that protect them from abusive prosecution when they do.”