In Seattle, Washington, CCRKBA
blasts a city political plan to hire
a so-called “Crime Gun Program
Coordinator” who will be “nothing
more than a bureaucrat whose job
will be to create and advocate gun
control schemes.” CCRKBA Executive
Director Joe Waldron says, “this
position is nothing more than the
Seattle Police Department’s official
gun control advocate. They’re using
an inflammatory term – ‘crime gun’
– to demonize any and all firearms
that may, for example, be stolen
and later recovered from residential
or commercial burglaries, but are
never really used in a crime. If the
Seattle Police want to spend up to
$92,000 on a crime gun specialist,
that person’s first order of business
should be to go out and recover the
handgun that was stolen from Police
Chief Gil Kerlikowske’s car more than
a year ago.”
In seem brains and guns go
together. According to the January
2006 “Official Newsletter of Metropolitan
Washington (DC) Mensa” –
the international society of persons
who have scored above the 98th
percentile on a standard IQ test – as
reported by The Washington Times,
“January is full auto month. This
month only we will be at Select-Fire
in Glen Burnie, Maryland, which is
between Baltimore and DC. Semi
and full auto UZIs, MK5s, Stens &
Thompsons are available for around
$45 each and come with between
90 and 96 rounds in pre-loaded
magazines, which can go pretty fast.
Additional pre-loaded magazines
cost $15. Select-Fire also rents other
firearms. Wheelchair accessible.
Free parking.”
In Massachusetts, Daniel F.
Conley, District Attorney for Suffolk
County has established a Boston
court that will prosecute only “gun
crimes.” According to The New
York Times, “the court was created
to expedite gun cases and create a
uniform way to prosecute them. It
will focus on crimes downtown and
in two other neighborhoods with
surges in gun violence. Similar
courts have been set up in New York,
Baltimore and Philadelphia.”
Ohioans for Concealed Carry
(OFCC) has endorsed Ohio Secretary
of State Ken Blackwell for
Governor. OFCC President Jeff
Garvas says Blackwell “has been a
strong consistent supporter of the
rights of gun owners. As Governor,
we believe he will be instrumental in
furthering concealed carry reform in
Ohio.” OFCC Vice President Bryan
Torok, added that, “it is past time
to end Governor Taft’s roadblocks
to freedom that have for too long
thwarted the will of the Ohio Legislature
and the grassroots supporters
who worked on this issue.”
In Virginia, a bill allowing college
students and employees to carry
handguns on campus did not get
through the subcommittee stage
of the House Committee on Militia,
Police and Public Safety. Delegate
Todd Gilbert of Shenandoah County
had offered the measure on behalf
of the Virginia Citizens Defense
In Pennsylvania, leaders of the
statewide so-called PATH Coalition
met in Philadelphia with state legislators
and other community leaders to
discuss legislation to limit handgun
purchases by individuals to one every
30 days. PATH Coalition members
include Men United for a Better Philadelphia,
CeaseFire PA, the Brady
Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence,
and Ceasefire New Jersey.
In Florida, State Rep. Dennis
Baxley has proposed HB 129, to
protect the possession of firearms
in parking lots. According to Unified
Sportsmen of Florida (USF),
HB 129 would protect the rights of
all law-abiding Floridians and out of
state visitors who visit the Sunshine
State by motor vehicle and who carry
firearms in their vehicles for protection
and other lawful purposes. “Some
Florida businesses are trying to ban
guns in cars,” charges USF. “They
are violating the constitutional rights
of gun owners and Florida law. HB
129 protects your right to have a gun
in your car for lawful purposes. HB
129 establishes penalties for these
arrogant corporations who think they
can control private property you have
in your private vehicle.”