BELLEVUE, WA – The Citizens Committee for the Right to keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) is urging grassroots gun rights activists in Wisconsin to call the State Assembly in advance of Tuesday’s scheduled vote in the State Assembly to override the veto of the state’s concealed carry law by anti-gun Gov. Jim Doyle.

The State Senate voted last week to override Doyle’s veto 23-10.

Wisconsin is one of only four remaining states in the nation that does not have some type of concealed carry provision. Proponents of such laws note that they give law-abiding citizens the ability to fight back against criminal attack. Research suggests that in states where such laws have been passed, violent crime rates go down.

“It’s time for the Wisconsin Legislature to stand up to anti-self-defense rights extremism and pass a law that lives up to the state constitution,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan M. Gottlieb. “Right now, the vote looks like it will be close, so there is no better time for gun owners who believe in the right of self-defense to call the Assembly and make their feelings known.”

“Two Democrats, Reps. John Steinbrink and Terry Van Akkeren, especially need to hear positive reinforcement from supporters of the legislation,” noted CCRKBA Executive Director Joe Waldron. “Sky-is-falling predictions of Wild West shootouts by opponents of concealed carry have failed to materialize in the more than two-dozen states that have passed such legislation since 1987. Don’t let lies limit your rights.”

The toll-free telephone number is 1-800-362-9472. Steinbrink’s direct number is (608) 266-0455 and Van Akkeren’s number is (608) 266-0656

This marks the second time Gov. Doyle has vetoed personal protection legislation in Wisconsin. A similar bill passed two years ago, and was vetoed. The State Assembly failed to override that veto by a single vote.

“Wisconsin citizens deserve the same protection from criminal attack as citizens in 46 other states now enjoy,” Gottlieb said. “It’s time for the Assembly to understand how important this issue is to their law-abiding constituents.”