BELLEVUE, WA – The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) is urging Wisconsin gun owners to call the State Assembly today, to ask their state representatives to support the proposed Wisconsin Personal Protection Act. The Assembly is scheduled to vote on that measure (SB 403/AB 763) today.

CCRKBA Executive Director Joe Waldron said citizens who back the concealed carry legislation can reach their Assembly representatives via the state toll-free Legislative Hotline at (800) 362-9472.

“For too many years,” Waldron said, “Wisconsin citizens have been getting the second-class treatment by anti-gunners in Madison, including Gov. Jim Doyle, who vetoed an earlier measure two years ago. It is time for Wisconsin’s residents to enjoy the same rights of personal protection that citizens in 46 other states now have. Even the Wisconsin Supreme Court has suggested that the Legislature address this issue, and the right to bear arms for personal defense is part of the Wisconsin State Constitution.

“Opponents of this legislation have offered little more than emotional, alarmist rhetoric as an excuse to deprive their constituents of the most basic right of them all, self-defense,” Waldron observed. “The experience in other states, where right-to-carry and shall-issue laws are on the books, proves that legally armed citizens are responsible, and that the laws appear to help reduce violent crime.

“While debate unfolds in the Assembly chamber today,” Waldron said, “it is important for Wisconsin gun rights activists to remind their representatives that they deserve the same rights as Americans all over the country. Anti-gunners, including Gov. Doyle, are determined to keep Wisconsin in the dark ages, where criminals rule the streets and neighborhoods, and honest citizens are little more than targets of opportunity.

“The time for Wisconsin citizens to demand a sensible change is now,” he concluded.