WASHINGTON, D.C. – “We congratulate whole-heartedly the United States House of Representatives, and especially Rep. Mark Souder of Indiana and the House leadership, for its whopping 259-161 vote today to overturn DC’s gun laws,” John Michael Snyder, Public Affairs Director of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA), said here this afternoon.

“Now, perhaps,” he continued, “we may begin to roll back the reign of terror visited upon the law-abiding residents of our Nation’s Capital by the politically-correct local powers that be who apparently don’t care a bit about the average law-abiding citizen’s right to defend himself or herself against predatory, violent criminals.

“Now the measure, put forth by Congressman Souder, moves over to the United States Senate, where we hope the members of that body will be just as responsive to the self-defense needs of citizens. It is time to end the triumvirate of tyranny comprised of Mayor Anthony Williams, Police Chief Charles Ramsey and Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton. This triumvirate seems intent on keeping decent people in the District under the thumb of violent criminals and unable to defend themselves and their loved ones against murderous thugs. Otherwise, why do they want to keep on the books laws which infringe upon the individual Second Amendment civil right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms, and to prohibit people from obtaining and keeping a handgun in their home?

“Williams and company object to what they see as an infringement on home rule. However, they seem to forget that the city is a special constitutional entity. It is the city of our whole country, and every U.S. citizen has a stake in what happens in Washington, D.C. Who in his or her right mind wants a city in which high profile homicides such as those of Joyce Chang and Chandra Levy remain unsolved after several years and in which the pothole-infested streets remind people more of a third-world village that the Capital of the Free World?”

Snyder said that, “Souder and the House are on the right track. It’s time to tell Williams, Ramsey and Norton to take a hike!”