BELLEVUE, WA – Minnesota lawmakers are to be congratulated for their quick, decisive effort to revive that state’s reasonable personal protection act today, said Joe Waldron, executive director of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA).

Passage of the bill by an 86-47 vote in the House of Representatives just days after the Senate approved the measure in a lopsided 44-21 vote “was the right thing to do,” Waldron said.

“This sends a message to criminals that Minnesota citizens are not going to be made easy targets, through the efforts of anti-gunners or because of a court ruling,” Waldron observed. “Minnesota gun rights activists should be congratulated for quickly reviving this law, thanks to Sen. Pat Pariseau and Rep. Larry Howes, who took leadership positions to shepherd this important legislation through both chambers.

“Despite what appears to have been a despicable last-minute attempt to derail the legislation by means of an e-mail hoax, responsible Minnesota legislators were wise enough to see through the sham,” Waldron continued. “By making this law retroactive to the date the original carry law was signed, the Legislature has assured law-abiding Minnesota gun owners that they will never face any kind of technical violation problems.”

The new law does have some changes from the statute that was challenged by anti-gun groups, but overall the integrity of the original reform measure has been maintained.

“We’re particularly delighted that the statute takes effect one day after it is signed,” Waldron noted. “Thousands of legally-licensed Minnesota residents can go about their business as if nothing has happened.

“Equally worthy of congratulations,” Waldron added, “are all the grassroots activists who tirelessly lobbied their lawmakers on behalf of all Minnesotans who correctly believe their lives are worth defending. In the face of media adversity and judicial activism, they persevered and overcame. This is a proud day for all of them.”