With the passage of SB 1363 by the state legislature, Arizona is poised to become the 34th state that allows individuals licensed to carry a concealed firearm to carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol. Under the legislation, armed citizens are prohibited from consuming alcohol while armed and should they choose to do so, restaurants may post “no guns” signs.

This bill sends a clear signal that restaurants in Arizona are no longer “free enterprise zones for criminals.”

The bill now sits on Governor Janet Napolitano’s desk, awaiting her signature. Governor Napolitano needs to hear from YOU, politely urging her to sign SB 1363 into law.

The record in the other 33 states that allow concealed carry in restaurants is clear: CCW holders are extraordinarily law-abiding citizens, and legitimate concealed carry in the other 33 states has proven to be a non-issue. On the other hand, firearms stored in vehicles while the licensee is at dinner are exposed to theft. Arizona ranks #1 per capita in car thefts, and the car prowl rate is nearly as high.

Governor Napolitano may be reached by telephone at (602) 542-4331 or by e-mail at azgov@az.gov. Respectfully ask that she sign this important piece of legislation.