The average American owns 1.7
guns, according to a Gallup Poll
released early last month, and the
average gun owner possesses 4.4
firearms. One out of three American
women say they own a gun, while
40 percent of American adults
generally say they own a gun. Fiftythree
percent of Republicans own
guns. This compares with 36
percent of independents and 31
percent of Democrats. According
to the poll, 44 percent of whites and
24 percent of nonwhites own guns.
Residents of the southern states are
more likely than those living in other
states to report owning a gun. Fiftysix
percent of those living in rural
areas own a gun, compared with 40
percent of suburbanites and 29
percent of urbanites. From 1959
through 1993, an average of 47
percent of Americans reported
having a gun in their homes. Since
then, household gun ownership has
dropped to an average of 40
percent. Sixty-two percent of gun
owners have more than one gun on
their properties, including 29
percent who say they have five or
more guns.
In Bridgeport, CT, three home
invaders were repelled in a shootout
in early January with a homeowner
that left one of the attackers dead
and one seriously wounded, police
said. Police said 47-year-old Edwin
Vega was one of three people who
broke into a private home. The
homeowner opened fire on the
assailants, killing Vega. The two
others fled after one was wounded.
The homeowner also was shot and
wounded in the attack. A short time
later a man showed up at St.
Vincent’s Hospital with a gunshot
wound to the mouth. Police said
Frankie Rodriguez, 26, was one of
the attackers who fled. Rodriguez
was placed under arrest and taken
to Bridgeport Hospital where he was
under police guard. The
homeowner was admitted to St.
Vincent’s Hospital to be treated for
gunshot wounds.
In Seattle, WA, CCRKBA is
offering a $1,000 reward for
information leading to the arrest and
conviction of a thief who stole Seattle
Police Chief Gil Kerilkowske’s
sidearm from his car in a downtown
Seattle street the day after
Christmas, and recovery of the gun.
“As it stands right now,” said
CCRKBA Chairman Alan M.
Gottlieb, “Chief Kerilkowske has put
more guns on the street than the
sunsetting of the so-called ‘assault
weapon’ ban. Law-abiding gun
owners who frequently are criticized
by the anti-gun media over alleged
incidents of careless storage
absolutely want the chief’s pistol
recovered, and the thief
prosecuted.” CCRKBA Executive
Director Joe Waldron said, “statistics
show that a significant number of
guns that end up being used in
crimes are stolen from law-abiding
citizens. Whether it’s a firearm stolen
in a residential burglary, a rifle taken
from a gun shop or a pistol taken
from a police chief’s car, the criminal
is responsible for any harm caused
with that gun, not the victim of the
theft.” CCRKBA hopes the offer of a
reward will encourage someone to
step forward and identify the thief,
or at least offer information resulting
in the recovery of Chief
Kerilkowske’s pistol. The handgun
is a 9mm Glock Model 26. Seattle
police officers are issued .40-caliber
Glock sidearms.
In Harvey, IL, state prosecutors
say they will not bring homicide
charges against a 61-year-old man
who shot and killed his 21-year-old
stepson. Police say the older man
shot John Shedrich early last month
as Shedrich attempted to force his
way into the home he had formerly
shared. They say Shedrich had
thrown bricks through a window
and kicked down the front door to
get it. Police said the stepfather
fired only in self-defense.