The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) today applauded California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for applying his veto pen to two pieces of anti-gun legislation, including one that would have registered sales of ammunition.

“Although we scolded Gov. Schwarzenegger recently for signing into law a ridiculous ban on .50-caliber sporting rifles, we can honestly say he has used far better judgment in vetoing SB1140 and SB1152,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “The more insidious of these was SB1152, which would have required registration of ammunition purchases, including the taking of a buyer’s fingerprint. We’re delighted that the governor responded to calls from gun owners statewide and nixed this extremist legislation. Gun owners should not be treated like criminals simply for making retail purchases of ammunition.

“Meanwhile,” Gottlieb continued, “we’re also delighted that the governor signed AB2431, which will streamline the mechanism for returning firearms to their rightful owners. The current system can be complicated and costly, and this revision will help law-abiding gun owners retrieve their property.”

Gottlieb also congratulated Golden State gun owners for their successful grassroots efforts, which he believes contributed significantly to Gov. Schwarzenegger’s decisions on these three bills. He said this proves that the governor, in office less than a year, will listen to constituents when they talk loud enough, and with a unified voice.

“California gun owners can still fight for themselves and win,” Gottlieb observed. “While law-abiding firearms owners cannot give the governor a perfect score, he rates much higher marks than his predecessor, Gray Davis. We can be hopeful that Gov. Schwarzenegger’s actions signal at least an acknowledgement that law-abiding firearms owners have civil rights, too, and they do not deserve to be disenfranchised as taxpayers and voters simply because they have chosen to exercise their constitutional rights.”