“Sen. John F. Kerry of Massachusetts gets a Labor Day goose egg from the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA),” said John M. Snyder, director of CCRKBA public affairs.
Snyder, named dean of gun lobbyists by national media, said the Democratic presidential nominee “can add this zero award to his collection of Purple Hearts and band aids.” He added that the senator “truly is a first class hypocrite. In recent months, he’s been going around the country trying to cater to pro-gun rights voters, proclaiming that, ‘I am a gun owner and a hunter and I respect the Second Amendment,’ BUT, ‘I’ve never contemplated shooting a deer with an AK-47.’
“This does not wash with America’s gun owners. ‘The Second Amendment’, as a popular bumper strip proudly and forthrightly proclaims, ‘ISN’T about duck hunting.’ It IS about the right to keep and bear arms for defense of life and property. Some gun owners are doing that right now in Florida as they protect their property from looters in the wake of Hurricanes Charley and Frances.”
Snyder noted that, “when you look at the public record, you see that Kerry, just like his Bay State political big brother, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, has been a reliable vote for the anti-gun special interests. Just this spring, he came back from the campaign hustings to vote for a measure by anti-gun Sens. Dianne Feinstein of California and Charles Schumer of New York to extend a ban on the manufacture and importation of certain semiautomatic firearms beyond next week’s scheduled sunset date. He also voted for a measure that would have outlawed the private sale of firearms at gun shows unless the buyer agrees to a background check.
“Kerry’s not fooling us. His 100 percent ratings from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (formerly Handgun Control Inc.), the anti-gun American Bar Association’s Special Committee on Gun Violence, and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (known at one time as the National Coalition to Ban Handguns) just add up to a big goose egg from CCRKBA.”