The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) today announced that it is opening an office in London, and joining with embattled British citizens in their fight to restore their firearms rights.
It is the first time an American firearm civil rights organization has opened an office on foreign soil. CCRKBA Chairman Alan M. Gottlieb has appointed veteran Conservative Party activist Greg Smith as the organization’s European representative.
“British citizens and gun owners from other European countries will be funding this effort,” Gottlieb said. “Just as with America’s war against international terrorism, we are taking the fight against international gun control to our enemies. With the attack on gun rights becoming global, it is important to fight these battles on every continent before we find ourselves isolated from an important human civil right.
“Extremist gun control measures have disarmed the British people,” Gottlieb continued, “leaving them vulnerable to criminal assault. Incredibly, if they do defend themselves, they can be prosecuted and imprisoned. Since the United Kingdom banned privately owned handguns in 1997, gun crime has nearly doubled. What more appropriate place for the Citizens Committee to be than in the middle of this battleground, offering whatever help we can to British citizens in their efforts to take back their neighborhoods and make their communities safe once again?”
Gottlieb is traveling to London to help Smith open the office there. While there, he will meet with members of Parliament.
“The British example,” Smith said, “is conclusive proof to anyone who proposes gun control that it simply does not work. You can take guns away from law-abiding citizens, whose only desire is to protect their homes and families. However, our experience has proved that you cannot stop criminals, who are reportedly bringing guns into the country illegally, while honest citizens find it nearly impossible to even own a sporting shotgun.”
“Gun control zealots in the United States contend that America should follow the British model,” Gottlieb observed. “Now law-abiding British citizens are telling us that doesn’t work. There is no more credible a source about the consequences of British disarmament than the citizens who have become the victims of their government’s policies, and the criminals those policies have unleashed.”