BELLEVUE, WA—Sen. Edward Kennedy is “once again epitomizing Democrat hypocrisy” for ranting about an anti-gun bill being bottled up in the Senate, while he and his cronies continue to block confirmation of federal judges nominated by the Bush Administration, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) said today.

Kennedy was quoted by the Associated Press complaining that a bill to ban non-existent plastic guns was being anonymously blocked by a Republican senator. Kennedy reportedly stated, “That’s unacceptable, and the Senate leadership has a responsibility to act…An undetectable Republican senator cannot be permitted to embarrass the entire Senate by blocking action…”

“If Ted Kennedy wants to find someone who has frequently embarrassed the Senate, he should rush to the nearest mirror,” CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb observed. “There he will find a political buffoon who would rather waste valuable time passing laws against guns that don’t exist instead of doing the people’s business, and allow the Senate to vote up or down on several important judicial nominations.”

“Somebody should remind Ted Kennedy that his cronies in the Senate have become masters of the blockade,” Gottlieb added. “If anyone deserves criticism for creating gridlock in the United States Senate, it is Kennedy and his far-left partisan colleagues who have been systematically blocking confirmation of nominees to the federal bench for months. These nominations are important, because we need to fill vacancies on various courts. Yet, because these nominees may believe that all ten amendments in the Bill of Rights should be enforced, and that the Constitution should not be rewritten through judicial activism, the Kennedy crowd is deliberately stalling the process.

“Kennedy is whining about holding up a bill aimed at a problem that does not exist,” Gottlieb stated. “Yet he and his cadre of extremist left cohorts have been stonewalling action on critically important judicial nominations. Before Ted Kennedy starts wringing his hands over some unidentified Senator embarrassing the entire Senate, maybe he should think about the mounting embarrassment that is being created quite visibly by obstructionists like Pat Leahy of Vermont, Dianne Feinstein of California, and Patty Murray of Washington.